In September 2014, the first Coffee football tournament was launched in a collective drive to promote everything coffee to the youth of Uganda. Uganda Coffee Federation revisited the concept of using football as a way of attracting youths to the Coffee Sector through interaction, sharing information and networking.

The tournament is organized by Uganda Coffee Federation (UCF) and co-hosted by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).

Overall Objectives of the Tournament

  • Revive the Uganda Coffee Club
  • Provide a harmonious co-existence among members and stakeholders leading to good camaraderie and industry cohesion.

Teams that participate

  • Teams that have participated in the Tournament to date: CECOFA (Nsangi Coffee), Coffee a Cup, Coffee world, Export Trading Group (ETG), GLADfarm, Gorilla Highland Coffee, Ibero (U) Ltd, Kamba Petroleum, Kampala Domestic Stores, Kawacom (U) Ltd, Kibinge Farmers’ Cooperative, Kyagalanyi Coffee, LD commodities, National Coffee Research Institute (NACORI), NUCAFE, Olam (U) Ltd, Savannah Commodities Ltd, Spedag Interfreight, Starcafé, Touton (U) Ltd, Ugacof, Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), and YOFACO

Gender Consideration

The organizing committee 2017 considered Sports for Women that included:

  • 100-Meter race that was won by NACORI
  • The Sack Race was won by Ugacof
  • The Balloon Race was won by Kibinge Farmers’ Cooperative
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