Andreas Nicolaides is a Company Director at Great Lakes Coffee Company Ltd (GLC), established in 1999, and today one of Uganda’s leading Arabica speciality coffee exporters with annual exports of between 8,000 – 10,000 metric tons. Andreas was born in Eastern D.R.C, where we grew up in the family coffee estates before moving to South Africa and later on in the UK for his studies. He graduated at Edinburgh University with an MA in International Business in 2001 and proceeded to set up a roasted coffee business, focused on importing award winning speciality coffees from Ipanema Coffees (Brazil) and distributing to the UK hospitality industry. In 2009, he permanently moved back to East Africa to join both Uganda and DRC family coffee business. Andreas is responsible for managing GLC’s sustainability coffee programme (currently includes 20,000 farmers), from sourcing, certification and sales, and acts as GLC’s Chief Financial Officer.