Adnan Kamulegeya studied logistics and procurement as well as clearing and forwarding plus a certificate in East African customs practicing course. He has been instrumental in working for a lot of improvements in the coffee industry while working as a member of AFCA and Uganda Coffee Federation. He has a good and extensive background of coffee having worked at one of the former coffee exporting companies, Fiba Coffee Ltd. He has a wide knowledge of logistics as well as shipping in the industry for close to 18 years.

He has been very active in the coffee industry and has also worked to ensure remarkable precipitation of logistics companies at all levels in the coffee value chain.  Adnan is a coffee enthusiast who has participated in various coffee forums giving guidance on logistics matters which have been beneficial to the coffee industry at large. He has advocated for youth participation in coffee matters especially through engagements in the coffee cup football tournament as well as giving guidance on improvements in the rules of the game. He has continuously encouraged and campaigned for increased domestic coffee consumption especially in corporate companies.

Adnan is currently a board member of the Uganda coffee federation and also the Deputy Exports Manager at SpedagInterfreight U Ltd which is a leading logistics company in the East African region.