A new member of Uganda Coffee Trade Federation, Eagle Eye Africa Ltd is set to launch its new products to the Uganda market but firstly to the coffee sector on the 9th August 2011 at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala at 9:00Am.

Eagle Eye Africa Ltd’s desire to showcase their products to the coffee industry comes from a researched belief that the coffee sector and agriculture sector will benefit from their new varieties of different products. Eagle Eye Africa Ltd is an African distribution agent for the Canadian based company called BioFert which is a leading provider of organic and organic based fertilizers for the large agricultural and retails markets around the world.

It manufactures non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and high grade certified organic and organic based nutrients and supplements that lead to superior quality production while maintaining a high cost-benefit ratio for the growers to meet today’s economic challenges. BioFert caters for all segments including certified organic crops, open field crops, greenhouse crops ,fruits and vegetables, turf, landscape, nurseries, etc. BioFert products have already been introduced to the Rwandan market and its time to establish them in Uganda.

It is in this regard that the Executive Director UCTF invites the coffee community especially those that work with coffee farmers and farm organizations especially Organic coffee as well as those growing it to attend as their products will be very helpful to the future of many farmers.

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